Friday, February 11, 2011

Little L Turns One

Yesterday I did some photos of my friend's one year old son.
It was my first time doing portraits of a child when he wasn't in his natural element.
(For example, at the park playing!)
I'm not used to doing "studio" work, but I got a new pretty backdrop and really wanted to try it out.
It really didn't work out as I had planned... the weather was rainy (so the natural light wasn't there),
he didn't like the cake (a one year old boy did NOT want the cake!), and he was a tired little man.
I guess when photographing children you have to be ready for anything!
I did manage to get a few good ones, though. He was such a handsome little dude!
We are going to try and redo the cake smashing ones sometime next week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Girl, My Boy

I joined a group on Flickr called "Let's Do 52".
It's kind of like a 365 deal, except it's a photo a week,
instead of one a day. It helps keep my creative juices flowing!
This weeks theme is "Hearts",
so I took my husband & I's wedding rings
and let my imagination flow.
The best thing about using candy hearts as props
is that you get to eat them afterwards! :) YUM!
My lens is not a macro, I tried my best, though!

New Year, New Blog.

Well, this is my new blog! (I moved from )

I can't believe it's already February 8th, 2011!
Time sure is flying.
Thank God I have my camera to capture all of the beautiful moments
that are passing by so quickly in my life right now.
I have NINE more WEEKS until my little man, Caleb, is born. :)
We've already had two showers... one more to go!
(I'm so blessed that I have so many people who want to contribute in the spoiling of Caleb!)
I'll share a few shots from them, as well.

I'm really excited about where Shorts Shots is headed.
This week I have two engagement shoots, and a one year old session.
I can't wait to share them on here.
I ordered a new backdrop and I'm so excited to use it.
It comes in tomorrow!
I normally like to shoot on-location using natural lighting,
but I've decided it's a new year,
so I'm going to try some new things.
I'm setting up a "studio" in our spare bedroom
(my husband is so excited about that, LOL).

Here are some shots from both of my showers:


It's so funny how every event that I go to (whether it's for me, or not) always turns into a "photo shoot". 
But, I love it that way! :)